Spring Hours

Blue Claw Seafood Market is opening March 28, 2013 Spring Hours are: Thursday through Sunday 10 am to 7 pm

LBI Blue Claw Seafood Live Lobster Recipe

Boiled Lobster Put water in pot and bring to a boil. Place Lobsters in pot. When water returns to a boil with Lobsters in pot, start counting the time below: 1 lb. – Allow 6 minutes 1¼ lb. – Allow 6½minutes 1½ lb. – Allow 7 minutes 1¾ lb. – Allow 7½ minutes 2 lbs. –...

Blue Claw Live Lobster Steamed Cooking Instructions

Steamed Lobster Put approximately 1 inch of water in a pot. Put lid on pot. When steam builds up the lid will rattle. Place Lobsters in the pot. When steam builds up again the lid will rattle with Lobsters in the pot. Start counting the time as indicated below: 1 lb....

Having a Party?

Having a Party? Too Busy to Cook? Just Don't Want To Cook? Let Us Do It For You! To place an order, we suggest you call us as early as possible

Long Beach Island Seafood

Check out our LBI TV commercial:  Stop in for the largest variety of local fresh fish and...

Blue Claw Fresh Seafood

Blue Claw Seafood Markets offers Long Beach Island the freshest seafood. We are open Daily at 10 am.